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This region is considered to be at the middle between northern Europe and the Medditerranean. It is a region of many different sailing routes on which besides the sailing part you also have pleasure in various beauties that this region offers. When hiring a boat there are many firms that offer this type of service, and you can rent a four-berth up to a ten –berth boat. Also what is interesting for this region is the fact that there are many hotel boats that provide on-bord cuisine, in case you want to rest all the way and let someone else do all the cooking.

When mooring you can choose between many places indicated for mooring or you can moor anywhere alongside if you are not in the way to other boats in the canal. This is all influedced by the weather conditions, of which you must be very careful.

Places you should visit when sailing through this region are Canal du Midi, La Nouvelle Branch Canal, Etang de Thau, Canal du Rhone a Sete, Ae Petit Rhone, The Rhone.

Marinas in Southern inland waterways