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Primary activity of France Yacht Charter is boat chartering. Some boats in our offer are in property of our agency, and some are in our charter management program.

We can offer you all types of vessels, starting from luxury yachts to motor sailers, depending on your prefeerences and your needs and whishes. If you search for complete comfort and luxury, and you are sure that you can afford it, then mega yachts are the right choice for you. When chartering motor yachts you will get not only comfort but also the excitment of speed and freedom in sailing.

Yachtsmen with more experience, looking for an active holiday, as well as the larger groups or families with children often charter catamarans because of their spaciousness.

Motor sailers on the other hand, are a special category, that are usually used for cruising along the coast, giving you unforgetable experience of the old-fashioned wooden yachts’ ambient. If you don’t want to share your boat with other passengers, you cn charter another type, gulet, which is similar to motor sailer but is made for smaller groups.

All boats in our offer are in excellent condition, well maintained and fulfill all conditions that are necessary for chartering. The boats are situated in marinas all along the Adriatic coast.


France Yacht Charter is a renowned France broker agency and we are specialised in yacht purchase as well as in yacht trade. We have great experience in providing our clients with the best services and guidance through the process of buying and selling yachts, whether they are new ones or used, motor or sailing.

If you are buying a boat, our brokers will find the most suitable offer for you, according to your needs and preferences. They will also accompany you to the test drives, arrange all the paperwork and complete the whole process.

If you are selling your boat, our borkers already have a data base of potential buyers who might be interested in buying your boat. Our brokers will make sure that they advertise your boat in the right way and communicate with potential buyers as well as place your boat in the market.

It is reccomended that you hire a broker when buying or selling a boat, because they are all professionals who know the market and will help you in all matters.

You can find our whole offer of motor yachts, sailboats, catamarans and motor sailers on our web site, and if you don’t find anything you like, you can fill out our purchase enquiry and contact us.

Also, pay attention to our Special offer when buying Bavaria and Jeanneau vessels, because we give you one week charter for free if you decide to buy a boat chartered through our agency.

SPECIAL OFFER – one week free charter!

If you decide to buy a boat through France Yacht Charter, we can offer you special price, because if you want to buy the boat you chartered, we will deduct the charter price from the sale price and give you one week free charter!

This offer includes all models of Jeanneau and Bavaria, whether it is a motor yacht or a sailing boat.
If you know what model you want to buy, it is best to charter it for a week to be introduced in her abilities and performance. If you don’t know which boat to buy or are uncertain about your decision, chartering a boat prior to buying is the best solution.

If we have in our charter models of Jeanneau or Bavaria that you are willing to buy, you can charter the boat with us, try it and use our broker services during the buying process, and we will deduct the price for charter from the sale price, and give you one week free charter.

For any additional information don’t hesitate to contact us.

It is possible that the boat you buy and charter are not the same particular boat, but it must be the same model.


When you are at sea, you must keep in mind that every person on bord has his own responsibilities and duties. Also you must get alnog well with other crew members if you want your trip to be organized and pleasent. So when chartering a boat everyone on bord is a crew member, not a simple bystander.

In our offer we have bareboats, skippered boats or fully crewed boats, depending on your abilities and preferences.

How many crew members you will hire depends on you and your experience in sailing, but also on the boat size. So mega yachts can be chartered with full crew only, while smaller boats can be hired bareboat or with a skipper or a hostess. When chartering a boat you should also pay attention to the number of passengers including skipper and hostess, because you have to provide them with berth and food. Larger yachts have separate crew quarters, and smaller usually don’t.

More information on role, duties and responsibilities you can read following the side links.


France Yacht Charter provides services of yacht charter and brokerage, and other related services. We also offer you the chance to advertise on our web pages.

We would like for everyone in some way related to nautics, sea, boats and tourism to contact us and be part of our advertising clientele. If you own a restaurant, hotel, bed & breakfast, shop, club, bar, sailing or diving schhool or aany other business that might be interesting to our guests, please do contact us. You should know that we do not take advertisements from other yacht charter and broker agents.

It is known that Internet marketing is efficent, affordable and simple. France Yacht Charter offers advertising through banners, link exchange and special advertising of boats for sale.