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… our brokers will make the whole process as easy and simple as possible, keeping your interests in mind the whole time. They will create a marketing plan, and the first step is to define the advertising strategy which will achieve maximum results and attract the most interested clientele.

Broker services include promoting your vessel, advertising her on the Internet to expand the overall presence in the market, connecting with the other brokers and their clients, communicating with potential buyers, taking maximum use of the existing data bases…

Every boat we sell is presented with complete specification, technical data and photographs, so potential buyers have a true and detailed image of the boats offered.

Accordingly, our brokers will advise you (if necessary) which changes might help you to present your boat in the best possible manner.

Our brokers also participate in sea trials and test drives, inform the client of all received offers and don’t make any decisions without your consent. The positive outcome for both sides is often a result of broker’s mediation work.

The most important thing you should do is to provide your broker with all necessary documentation and detailed information, as well as to sign a quality and satisfying contract.