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The French Riviera is situated along the east coast from Nice to Menton. This region is famous for its cities Nice and Monaco, which are crowded in the summer, and especially during some social events, like the Formula Race.

It is called Riviera because the region also includes pre-Alps mountains that protect the entire coast from winter Alps conditions. Due to this, the climate is very mild all year long.

This region is closley connected to Italian riviera, since these two regions merge when it is about sailing. Sailing along this coast you have the opportunity to stop every night and anchor, but sometimes it can be expensive.

Some of the attractive places you should visit:


There are winds in the summer that are not too strong, but rather mild, exactly because of the pre- Alps region that protects this coast from winter conditions. The main wind is a sea breeze blowing from NE-E-SE, but it usually dies down in the evening.

Marinas in the riviera: