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The Provence is the region of southeastern France, that stretches from Beziers or Montpellier to the pre-Alps around Grasse or Nice. It is rich with small pitoresque towns that simply take your breath away when you visit. The sights are incredible and whoever sees that just for once he will always remeber it.

This coast has many small marinas and harbours so there are many places to berth without going to the expensive marinas. In the summer, these marinas can be a little crowded, but usually you can find a place to berth. This makes sailing around the Provence even more interesting.

On your cruise you should visit Rohne Delta and its Port Gardian, but should pay attention on weather conditions.


The prevalent wind in this region is the mistral, that blows with its greatest force. Usually it blows offshore and as such raises sea along the coast. With strong mistral it is better to avoid sailing. But in the summer, the main wind is mild marin, and usually it is safe to anchor while marin is blowing.

Marinas of the Provence