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Port Cros is a national park of france situated on the same called island in the Mediterranean, east of Toulon. It spreads on the surface of 7km˛ and was established in 1963.

It is a small island that is rich in diverse flora and fauna, woods, treese, mountains. You can reach it by ferry from the Geins peninsula of Cote d'Azur.

There are no towns on the island or any population so you can enyoj in peace, colourfullness, and sights of overwhelming beauty.


This is one of the many natural parks in France. It is located in Brittany, in the rural part and has the surface of 172,000 hectars. It spreads all the way from the coast of Atlantic Ocean to the inland mountains. Natural park Armorique covers several areas, land and marine, with different landscapes. It is rich of many different sights put all together, sandy beaches, rocks,swamps,fast rivers and besides rich flora it has even richer fauna.

The park also incudes 3 islands: Île de Sein, Molčne and Ushant.


Natural park Camargue covers nearly 300 square miles and covers about 60% of Rhone Delta.

Was established in 1970 along the coast line of the Camargue in France. It is one of the oldest natural parks in France. Its boundaries were expanded to include a logoon called the Ettang de Vacardes.

The park is situated at the southern part of the France , below Nimes, between Arles and Montpellier, and the river Rhone being its eastern limit. Its flora and fauna are rich with exotic examples of each, making this park a true gem of natural heritage of France.


Natural park Marin d'Iroise is situated in Brittany in France.

This was the first marine park created off the French coast established in 2007. It is established in the first place to preserve the unique underwater environment and to develope it even more. It way designated by UNESCO as a Reserve de la Biosphere, bringing to the spot light its importance on a global level. This park has the largest algae species in Europe which ought to be preserved and are worth of being seen.


Park Calanques should receive a status of a national park during this year. It is an unusual formation of many little islands made of limestone or granite. They are situated on the south of Marseille and spread all along the coast up to Cap Canaille. These islands are a true attraction for tourists, sailors who want to explore more this part of France. There are many marinas so you will not have a problem to find a place for rest and have.