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The Yacht Charter destination Corsica is especially attractive to many tourists. With its mountains, bays, steep and other characteristics, it represents a real gem for everyone hungry for beautiful green sights, amazing see view and friendly, small harbour villages.

You can charter boat in many different marinas situated on the French island, such as Ajaccio, Bastia, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, and Propiano or in Calvi. Ajaccio, being the capital city, has two main harbours, the Tino Rossi Harbour and the harbour of the admiralty. Both of these harbours have enough mooring places for cruising guests. Also there is an old harbour, which is mainly harbour for ferries arriving from France and Italy. If there are not enough mooring places you can always find it at the yacht harbour Toga. Another two harbours that can serve as a starting point of your cruise are Porto vecchio and Bonifacio, and are reccomended if you are sailing to Sardinia or to the Islands of Cerbicales, Lavezzi and Cavalo.

Marinas in Corsica