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There are three types of climate in France: oceanic, continental and Mediterranean. The first prevails in the western parts of the country and is characterised by small temperature range, ample railfall, cool summers, and cool winters. The second, continental, spreads in the eastern and central France and is characterized by warm summers and cold winters. The mediterranean climate, spreads throughout the south of France and has cool winters, hot summers and limited rainfall. Annual rainfall in central and southern France varies from region to region.

Prevailing winds in France are tramontane, mistral and marin.

Tramontane - is a strong, cold north wind, similar to mistral but it follows different corridor. is caused by a depression that passes across the middle of France and the air escapes throgh the gap between the Pyrenees and the massif Central

Mistral - strong, cold and usually dry wind. When mistralis blowing, the weatheris usually clear and fresh. It can develop the speed of ninety chilometers an hour.It is a regional wind, usually blowing in winter and spring, but is present in all periods of the year. Usually lasts two or three days, but can lasto for several days or for a week. blows when a depression passes over central France and coldair over the land is blocked by the Alps and escapes along the Rhone valley.

Marin is a warm,moist wind blowing from southeast to south .It usually brings rain and fog, and clouds carried by marin cause rain. When it blowsgently, as a sea breeze, it is pleasent to swimm in the gulf, but for a stronger wind, the waves rise so high that it is not possible to swim or sail.