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The French Riviera is still appealing place for sailors and tourists. Since there is a spectar of beautiful and enchanting places to visit, usually you can not decide which way to go. Yacht Charter bases in the east part of French Riviera are situated above Antibes, Argens, Cannes, Gogolon and Golfe – Juan. Besides that, Monaco and Nice can also be qualified as starting point of cruise. Bases on the west of French Riviera are located in Hyeres, Marseille or Port Pin Rolland.

Sailing season in France as in other countries depends on weather conditions. France has three different climatic zones- Oceanic, Continental and Mediterranean. These climates are influenced by the ocean and its changes. What influences the most on sailing season are the North Atlantic Drift on the west and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, because of its affect to the ocean. The Mediterranean is hot and dry in summer but mild and cold in winter. So the best way to be sure when to sail is to pay attention to the local weather forecast.

On the other hand, the Atlantic side has moderate climate and sailing season lasts from late spring to the autumn. The prevailing winds in the summer usually blow from south west, while winds along the Mediterranean coast and Corsica are more variable. Mistral usually blows in a sudden way, in the terittory of the Rhone valley and can sometimes change to a gale during summer, making white waves in the Gulf de Lion.

When sailing, Southern France has certainly more to offer than other regions. West of Toulon, there are beautiful sandy beaches where you can rest and enjoy the remarkable sights.

Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Levant are some of the most beautiful sailing areas of France.

Cote D'Azur is perfect choice for the family crew or someone with less experience, while for those of greater sailing experience Western part of southern France is always the first choice.

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