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France Sea and coast are among the cleanest and best preserved in Europe. Landscape beauty and interesting underwater world make France incredibly attractive and unique.

The state, various organisations and most individuals take actions to preserve the sea, soil and air. Consciousness of the importance of protecting the environment can only be created by the joint efforts, and it is particularly important with booming tourism industry.

Every year, millions of tourists come to France, and to prevent the eco-shock, programs of sustainable development must be implemented. The state contributes by issuing the laws and each individual person by behaving responsibly.

The wonderful France coast is widely known.

The state signed several environment protection conventions and acts accordingly. It is one of the first countries in the Mediterranean to start with the organized monitoring of sea quality and beach cleanliness.

More than 120 of France beaches and marinas are awarded with a Blue Flag, an international recognition of top quality service in accordance with the highest eco-standards.

Respecting the eco-code, I will:

And I won’t: