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Captain is the highest ranked officer on board. there are different categories of captains, according to different categories of vessels, butone thing stays the same, that is that the captain is the highest commander of the crew. When hiring a boat with a crew, you must always be aware that captain has last saying in all ship matters.

His duty is to drive the yacht, make all the necessary paperwork and secure that all thngs on board run smoothly. You can discuss about your itinerary, but in case of a bad weather or other problems or danger, you must always listen to the captain.

All crew members have their own assignments, but the captain never does manual labour like cleaning, repairs. He drives the yache and advises on the routs. You can always ask anything you are interested in. A captain must possess valid licence, that depends on the size and the type of the vessel, as well as of the sailing area. He must also possess an officer's cerificate acquired through professional education.


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