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Making your vacation plans is always a lot of fun but sometimes it may be difficult because of a great offer of yachts and charter areas.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration when making arrangements on your sailing holidays. It is important to match the number of cabins or berths with the number of passengers, including a skipper if necessary. The year of a yacht is also important, though the old yachts could be in better shape than those built recently. It all depends on charter company and yacht maintenance.

Your sailing experience and capabilities will influence your choice. Yachts over 50 feet usually require a skipper becuase they are not easy to handle and manoeuvre in ports. In case you are interested in hiring a skipper or a hostess this will require more expenses, specially if fully crewed charter is your choice.



The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of mega yachts are luxury and comfort. Luxury yachts belong to the category of vessels that are longer than 20 m (60-65 ft). The interior is luxuriously decorated, completly equipped and can be chartered only with crew. The creew members are captain, cook, sailor and the hostess, who will take care of everything on board, while you relax and literaly do nothing but enjoy your trip. If you want, you can always choose your itinerary or menu but you can also be sure that the crew will do that for you according to your wishes. In case of bad weather or any other danger or problems while on board, you must always obey your captain, since he is the most experienced one on board.

Luxury yachts are known as the floating houses, since they provide special comfort for you and your guests on longer and shorter cruises. Which yacht you will choose, depends on your needs and wishes, but it is certain that you will have wonderful and pleasant cruise. You don't have to worry about anything, just relax and have fun.

Luxury yachts has separate crew quarters and are so spacious that you can have your own privacy time. One thing that is for sure is that because of all this comfort and its size, even the most sensitive ones will not have sea sickness or other similar problems.


Main advantages of motor yachts are speed and comfort, when comparing to the other boats. Eventhough they are smaller than mega yachts, there are some models that are so big and spacious that you won't have a feeling that you are on a motor yacht.

In comparison to sailboats, motor yachts have a shallower draft, that allows them to enter smaller and shallower inlets. Another thing that is characteristic for motor yachts is that they are easier to navigate and don't require special knowledge and experience. Mostly all models are comfortable, spacious, well furnished and equipped, and even more stabile on sea than sailboats.

The main characteristic is speed, sou you can visit many places in a small time period. If you stop in some port and you don't like it, you can simply go elsewhere and enjoy the speedy drive with a feeling of excitement and pleasure.

Larger yachts are chartered with crew only, at least with one member, because they are very powerful and you need an experienced person to drive it. If the yacht is chartered with crew only, the boat usually hascrew cabin.

If there is no crew cabin, you have to make sure that you reserve berths for skipper and hostess. Smaller motor yachts, on the other hand are not that comfortable, because their main purpose is to take you quickly and easily to the wanted destination. You should know that motor yachts use a lot more fuel than sailing boats, so you have to prepare fuel suppplies before you depart.


New sailing boat models are bigger, more spacious and more comfortable than the older ones. They have all the necessary equipment to make your cruise more pleasant and comfortable. The interior of the boat is nicley decorated and spacious so that you can spend longer time on board.

Models that are often chartered are the onoes with more cabins sothe guests can invite more people on their cruise. Sailing boats are wider, and more stabile on the sea. They are not speedy as motor yachts, so they are perfect for shorter cruises between islands, which is very popular way of cruising on the Adriatic sea.

Driving sailboats demand certain skills and effort, especially when driven by wind and not by engine, but this gives you the feeling of pleasure and excitment. This way you spend less fuel, which means that it is more economical and also ecological.

For a yachtsman it is more interesting to charter a sailboat than a motor yacht. Eventhough drivin sailboat doesn't require great skill, if you don't have enough experience you have to hire a skipper, who can teach you about navigating a sailboat and help you improve your skills.


Catamarans are a special type of sailboats. Usually they have two connected hulls and therefore are more stabile and more spacious than monohulls. These vessels are spacious inside an outside and are pretty low, they allow good visibility and bring plenty of natural light in.

Catamarans are ideal for families and larger group and are safer for small children than monohulls. Since they are spacious and wide, it is unlikely that you will feel squeezed or claustrophobic while on board. Catamarans have separate skipper cabin, accessible through saloon and from the deck. But not all models have this characteristic and in spite of not having skipper cabin, you still have enough room for your privat space.

In comparison to monohulls, they are easier to navigate and don't require special experience. But if you are not certain of your skills it is better to hire a skipper. Catamarans are excellent choice for those who want comfort and space on their journey.


Chartering a motor sailer will certainly give you pleasant sailing journey. Its comfortable intereior and ambience, as well as experience of sailing on a traditional wooden ship, with a crew that takes care of everything, will leave you breathtaking. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

Routes made for these boats are created by experienced professionals, captains and travel agents, who make sure that they include everything that could be interesting for you to visit. Of course, the route can be changed due to the lack of place in marina.

Motor sailer cruises are popular among people of all ages, because on these cruises you always meet new people regardless with whom you are travelling.

All ships are not the same category and size, so you have big choice to fill out your needs and wishes. You can charter the whole ship or just a cabin, even a berth, if you don't mind sharing a room with a stranger. If you charter the entire boat, you can choose the menu, change the routes and do other changes in agreement with the crew.

Most agents sell you half board, that includes breakfast and lunch, but sometimes there is a possibility to pay extra for dinner on board.

Other than food you can have various sports' equipment on board, but you must ask for them before making your booking, as well as all other things you will need.

Wooden ships originated in East Mediterranean, had been the only means of transportation for ceturies. Motor sailors we know today are replicas of the middle-aged models, and are available only in Croatia, Greece and Turkey. The reason for this is the coastline of these countries, that is crowded with thousands of islands, ideal for cruising in a motor sailer, so called «island hopping».


Gulets are replicas of old Turkish trading ships and are a special separate category of motor sailers. While motor sailers can accomodate more than 40 guests, gulets take up only 10 to 12 passengers, plus crew. Maximum number of persons on board is often 20. Gulets have all cabins with their own bathrooms, located on the main deck.

Gulets are smaller than motor sailers, so they are often chartered whole, but it is possible to charter a cabin or a berth.

These boats are nicely furnished and well equipped for a pleasurable journey. Usually families or larger groups charter gulets, because of the more space they need. If you charter the whole ship, you can always agree with the captain about itinerary, menu and all your activities.

Adriatic is the perfect place to cruise in a wooden ships like gulet, because of the large number of small islands and unique, picturesque little towns you visit during your sailing trip. The crew will help you if you need some kind of advice and take care of the safety of all members on board.