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France Yacht Charter provides services of yacht charter and brokerage, as well as other related services. In addition to these we offer you to advertise on our web sites. We invite everyone who is in some way related to nautics, sea, boats or tourism. If you own a restaurant, hotel, bed & breakfast, shop, club, bar, sailing or diving school, or any other business that our guests and visitors of our sites might find interesting and useful, make sure you let us know. Please note that we do not take advertisements from other yacht charter and broker agents.

Internet marketing is efficient, affordable and simple. At the moment, France Yacht Charter offers you the options of advertising through banners, link exchange and special advertising of boats for sale. Our company France Yacht Charter d.o.o. is a successful and professional travel agency, specialized in yacht charter and trade, conducting business since 2003. Our offer includes more than 3500 of all types of vessels, located in marinas along the entire coast. In addition to chartering, we are also very successful in boat trade. We are specialized in both yacht purchase and sale, regardless of yacht type and size, new or pre-used.

Besides from above mentioned, our professional company created advertising on all our web pages which are the based ranked in the entire nautical world. This is crucial for everyone who is connected with the beautiful nautical world. Taking everything into consideration, this is an excellent opportunity for you to place your advertisement and highlight your offer to your target audience and attract the attention to your potential clients. If you want to take advantage of the popularity of our website in order to extract as many interested potential buyers, we are giving you the possibility to place your vessel in one of the most visited website in the boating world.

As you probably know, sales of ships, boats and yachts over the Internet has become the most common and easiest way of arrangements. Advertisement posted on the Internet does not expire as it does in newspapers and it is visited by a far more people than in a newspaper. Having that in mind and that the website is still among the first pages on every search engine, you advertisement is guaranteed success. For all these reasons we are here and we are offering opportunities to advertise your boat with descriptions, pictures, videos, technical data, the inventory list, price list and your contact information directly on our site.

A. Advertising boats for sale:

We don't advertise boats with the value less then 30.000 EUR

All prices are for a year.

B. Advertising boats for sale under SPECIAL OFFER:

Special placement under "special offer " boats for sale on the main page www.france-yachtcharter.com

The presentation of your boat will include one main picture and nine smaller ones (which are all open in a big format) together with special video, technical specifications and price where your contact details are placed.

EXAMPLE FOR YOUR ADDVERTISEMENT: http://www.croatia-yacht-charter.com/motor-yachts-on-sale/jeanneau-prestige-46-fly-1986~/

Advantages of advertising on our web site:

Our company designs your advertisement and takes care of your updates. Written change of updates is allowed three times during the year. Additional updates will be charged.Slušajte If your boat sale realizes before the end of add and if you reduce the price of your vessel, we can make reimbursement and the advertising costs remains the same. You will receive inquiries directly from our website for the sale of your boat. Realization of course depends on your offer that competitiveness in the market with respect to price and quality presentation. All inquiries that you receive directly can only be read by you, as they will directly be preceded to your e-mail and with each received inquiry you will be able to display the location of the client who sent the request.

We are also offering possibility to advertise on our other professional web pages:

The vision of our company follows a constant growth, improving the supply and raises the quality of our mission while monitoring and adjustment needs of our clients.

We are looking forward to your inquiries!